A Contemporary Japanese Art Combined Photography 
                        HIROKO  MAYA  OKAHASHI


"Sakurajima I"         Printed on Canvas        42"x57"    

"Sakurajima II"         Printed on Canvas        42"x57"    

" Red Kimono I  "       Printed  on Poto paper       24"x36"   


 "Fujimusume and 4 images "     Printed on Canvas         64"x43"               


Red mantle I                           Printed on Canvas   43''X45"  

"Red Mantle"   II                    Printed on canvas        43"x51"         

Red Mantle  III          Printed on phot paper   11"x 14"


Hiroko Maya Fashion I

Hiroko Maya Fashion II

Hiroko Maya Fashion III

"Cherry Blossoms "           Printed on photo paper         14"x11"       


"Hawaiian Dance"       Printed on silkscreen print paper   40"x26"


"Purple Dress "           Printed on photo paper      17"x11"      



"Kimono"                                         printed on photo paper     


Fashion of Cover wide            Printed on photo paper

Dance I                     17"x11"            printed on photo paper

Dance II                     17"x11"            printed on photo paper


Green Dress I            17"x11"            Printed n photo paper



White Dress  I       38"x26"       Printed on silkscreen print paper

White Dress II        17"x11"            Printed on photo paper


Dot Dress         17"x11"            Printed on photo paper

Fashion  I                17"x11"            printed on photo paper
Fashion  II                      17"x11"                          Photo and Painting

Spring Beach I               Printed on photo paper


Spring Beach II               Printed on photo paper

Red  kimono II       17"x11"     Printed on photo paper
Kimono I       17"x11"            Printed n photo paper


untitled I


"Flowers"         Printed on canvas               41"x 30"             $3000

Dream                    17"x11"       Printed on photo papaer

Mask                      17"x11"            Printed n photo paper

Sakurajima and I

Dance with friends

Hiroko Maya Fashion IV
Cherry Tree


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