A Contemporary Japanese Art Combined Photography 
                        HIROKO  MAYA  OKAHASHI


My photographic goal has been to achieve simplicity of design and composition reminiscent of classical style. I have created images, often using as my subject the reflection of my own body in mirrors. The reflected image brings a surreal quality to the images, transcending time and space. My model is a woman in search of her lost identity: a mother, daughter, lover, and divorced wife, torn between her traditional upbringing and her present life in a foreign land.

  In 1989, I started using “liquid light” on watercolor paper with my photographs in the darkroom,  painting with this medium to show the brush strokes. In my own style, I achieve a unique combination of strokes and images, so that my photographs may look like Japanese black brush paintings. By using brush strokes I was able to bring flowing movement into my pictures, resulting in fascinating visual effects.

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"Hiroko Maya Okahashi Liquid Light Photography Art Work"

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