A Contemporary Japanese Art Combined Photography 
                        HIROKO  MAYA  OKAHASHI


Hiroko Maya Okahashi

30A Bowdoin St. Cambridge, MA 02138 USA


[email protected]



Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C.                                   1981 - 1983

School of Visual Arts in New York, NY                                           1985 - 1986 2012 - 2013

Harvard University Extension School in Cambridge, MA                1989

University of Hawaii in Honolulu, HI                                               1990 - 1992

Mass College of Art and Design in Boston, MA                               2000 - 2001

Award-winning work Exhibition

2017                  "Solo Show" Cambridge Community Television (Karen Aqua Gallery) in Cambridge, MA

2017                  Cambridge Art Association in Cambridge, MA

2016                   “ItsLiquid experimental Art Architecture and Design Festival” in Rome, Italy

                              Hiroko Maya Okahashi "Liquid Light" art work 


2015                  Tokyo National Art Center (Genten Art Society) in Tokyo, Japan

2015                  Osaka Art Museum (Zenkansai Art Competition) in Osaka, Japan

2015                  Osaka Art Museum (Genten Art Society) in Osaka, Japan

2015                  “Labirynt Festival” in Slubice, Poland and Germany

                           Invited by Professor Jerzy Olek of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland

2014                  “ItsLiquid International ArtExpo” in Venice, Italy

                          Film: https://youtu.be/AYtjyx9iiqA

                          Film: http://www.itsliquid.com/interview-hiroko-okahashi.html

2014                  Almeria MECA (Mediterráneo Centro Artístico) in Almeria, Spain

2010                  “Solo Show” Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, MA

2007                 “Solo Show” Virginia Carten Gallery in Marblehead, MA

2007                 “Solo Show” Marblehead Arts Association in Marblehead, MA

2006                 “Solo Show” Fresh Eggs in Boston, MA

2006                 "Solo Show” Hayato in New York, NY

2006                 LynnArts Inc. in Lynn, MA

2006                 Gallery @ Piano Factory in Boston, mA

2005-Present    The Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

2004                 Boston Actors WorkShop in Boston, MA

2003                 “Solo Show” Wainwright Bank in Cambridge, MA

2002                 “Solo Exhibition” Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge, MA

2002-2004        Cambridge Open Studio, Cambridge, MA

2001-2002        Provincetown Art Association in Providence, MA

1999-2002       Gibbs Gallery Arlington Center for Art Gallery in Arlington, MA

2000-2002       Cambridge Art Association in Cambridge, MA

2001                “Solo Show” Sacrament Gallery in Cambridge, MA

2001                Boston Center for the Arts in Boston, MA

2000                “Solo Show” South Rutanda Gallery at Boston Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA

2000                The Gallery at 38 Cameron in Arlington, MA

2000                Out of Blue Gallery in Cambridge, MA

2000                ”Solo Show”Cambridge Community Television in Cambridge, MA

2000 - 2001     Tremont Gallery of International Society in Boston, MA

2000                 Cambridge Center for Adult Education in Cambridge, MA

1999                 Stanford Fine Art Gallery in Sarasota,, FL

1993 -1995       Honolulu Museum of Arts in Honolulu, HI

1993 -1995       Honolulu Academy Arts of Association in Honolulu, HI

1991 -1998       Honolulu Printmakers in Honolulu, HI

1991 -1998       Hawaii photographic Society in Honolulu, HI

1996                 “Solo Show” Michael Video Filem Inc. in Honolulu, HI

1996                 “Solo Show”Alana Hotel in Honolulu, HI

1995                 “Solo Show” Paul Brown Gallery in Honolulu, HI

1994                 Agora Gallery in Honolulu, HI

1993                 “Solo Show” Ramsay Galleries in Honolulu, HI

1993                  University of Hawaii in Honolulu, HI

1992                 “ Solo Show” Che Pasta Galley in Honolulu, HI

1989                 Ariel Arts Gallery (Exhibition of SOHO Art Competition #9, NY) in Soho, NY

1989                  Kampo Culture Center in Soho, NY

1989                  Multi-Media Arts Gallery, in Soho, NY

1989                  Consulate General of Japan in New York

1983                  Stanford Fine Art Gallery in Washington DC

1983                  Charles River Boat House in Cambridge, MA

           as well as many other locations.


2018: The Member of the National Association of Women Artists, Inc. In New York, NY

2017: “Community Supported Artist” Cambridge Art Council in Cambridge, MA

2015: "Honorable award to be a member of Genten Art Society" in Japan

2010: "Solo Show"Multi Art Culture Center in Cambridge, MA

2008: "Solo Show" Virginia Carten Gallery, Marblehead, MA

2007: "Honorable Mentions" Marblehead Arts Association in Marblehead, MA

2006: "Honorable Mentions” the LynnArts Inc. in Lynn, MA

2000: "Solo Show" Multi Art Culture Center in Cambridge, MA

2000: “Publication Award” New Art International in New York, NY

1999: "Publication Award "Art Crow Magazine in New York, NY

1993: "Frame Shack Award" in Honolulu, HI

1993: "Hawaiian Graphic Award" in Honolulu, HI

1991: "Acquisition Award” the State Foundation on Culture and Arts in Honolulu, Hawaii,

1991: “Honolulu Printmaker Award” Honolulu Printmaker in Honolulu, HI,

1991: “Solo Exhibition Award” Ramsay Galleries in Honolulu, HI

1990: “Fellowships Award" Arts Matters Inc. in New York,NY

1990: Publication " Art Nippon Camera Magazine” in Japan

1989: Two Awards Clifford Chieffo, Juror for the "Exhibition of SOHO Art Competition #9, NY” in New York, NY

1989 & 1988: Three Awards of " Excellence" from Photographer's Forum Magazine in CA

1984: Publication "TABI" (The biggest Travel Magazine in Japan) in Japan

1983: "The Photography Contest of Washington D.C." in Washington, D C

1983: Second Prize of “River Bend Park Photography Contest" in Cambridge, MA


The State Foundation on Culture and Arts in Honolulu, HI                                   1991

The Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University     2007

Many Private collections in the United State                                                          1991 - present

Donations to “The Art Connections, Inc.” in Boston, MA                                      2000

“The Women’s Center” in Cambridge, MA                                                             2000

“The South End Community Health Center” in Cambridge, MA                           2000

Fellowships Award

“Art Matters Ink”                                                                                                     1990

“Community Supported Artist” Cambridge Art Council, in Cambridge, MA         2017


"Almost Free" Fine Art Fashion Photography Published                                            2017 

" Nagasaki" novel book's cover inParis, France                                                          2017

“Genten 2015” ( Genten Art Society) in Japan                                                           2015

“LABIRYNT 2015” in Slubice, Poland                                                                      2015

“More than Meets the Eye” Book for the illustration of the story by Lee Pierce

The first publication                                                                                                     2010

The second publication                                                                                                2013

“Wicked Local” Newspaper in MarbleHead, MA                                                       2007

“New Art International” Book Art Press, Ltd. Woodstock, NY                                  2001 

     Volume VI P.21 2000

“Art Crowd Magazine” in New York                                                                           2000

“Chronicle” Newspaper in Boston, MA                                                                       2000

“Takara Magazine” in Boston, MA                                                                              2000

“Aikido Today Magazine”(Japanese Martial Art) in California. As a photographer   1998-2001

“Cultural Survival” Magazine’s Cover and postcards                                                  1999-2008

“Honolulu Magazine” in Honolulu, HI. Published photographs for the story             1993

“The Picture Cube Inc.” in Boston, MA Photography Stock Market                           1989-1999

“New York Yomiuri Press Inc. “ Japanese Newspaper) in New York, NY                  1989-1991

        Articles and photographs about Boston and Hawaii

“Parenting Magazine” in San Francisco, CA                                                                1989-1990

         Published the illustration of the stories for the assignments

“D C Heath and Company” in Boston, MA                                                                  1989

“Art Nippon Camera Magazine” in Japan                                                                    1989

“TABI” (the biggest Travel Magazine) in Japan. Published an article and photographs

               on “ Commonwealth Dominica” in Caribbean                                              1987

“River Bend Park Photography Contest" Cambridge Press in Cambridge, MA          1983


I am a female artist and photographer who was born and grew up in Japan. I have been a resident in the

United States since 1980. I love Japanese culture and am skilled in the Japanese arts such as

calligraphy, watercolor, silkscreen printing, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, martial arts (Aikido),

Japanese song and dance, etc.

I have been creating and inventing my own original art to combine these classic traditional Asian arts

and culture with modern photographic techniques and different media.

My interest in photography began at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, D.C. in 1981 and grew

during my studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York, the Harvard University Extension School

in Cambridge, MA, and the University of Hawaii in Hawaii.

My photographic goal has been to achieve simplicity of design and composition reminiscent of

classical style. I have created images, often using as my subject the reflection of my own body in

mirrors. The reflected image brings a surreal quality to the images, transcending time and space. My

model is a woman in search of her lost identity: a mother, daughter, lover, and divorced wife, torn

between her traditional upbringing and her present life in a foreign land.

In 1989, I started using “liquid light” on watercolor paper with my photographs in the darkroom,

painting with this medium to show the brush strokes. In my own style, I achieve a unique combination

of strokes and images, so that my photographs may look like Japanese black brush paintings. By using

brush strokes I was able to bring flowing movement into my pictures, resulting in fascinating visual


Later I began to bring color into my work by incorporating silk screening techniques. This has allowed

me to bring more emotion into my pictures, as well as striking contrast. The use of different kinds of

printmaking and watercolor techniques further expanded the borders of my art.

I have been taking pictures of myself and my sons since my first pregnancy, now for almost 30 years.

These photographs of my life are my diary. To this day, I continue using myself as a model for my

portraits, wearing my own dresses and kimonos to create personal fashion shows. Movement in my

photographs adds excitement, and now, instead of using “liquid light” with physical brush strokes, I

use computer technology to manipulate my photographs. I take self-portraits in dance and then make

slide shows of these photographs and films combined with music. Adapting to new techniques, I create

art whose style is similar to that which I achieved in the dark room when I began, though now with

completely different tools.