A Contemporary Japanese Art combined photography
               Hiroko Maya Okahashi



I would like to finalize and publish a book of photography featuring 30 years of my art work. In particular, I would like use this as a platform to show the arc and evolution of my style, to introduce my older photography using “liquid light” (a technique pioneered by me combining physical brush strokes through my developing images) and show it in conjunction and juxtaposition with my newer works where I use Photoshop to manipulate my images.  30 years ago, I made these unique works using the “liquid light” technique with my hands in the darkroom, and these photographs have general historical and educational value. While studying at Harvard in 1989, I learned the special technique of using “Liquid light,” which changed my photography. I started using “liquid light” brush strokes on the watercolor paper to create the impression of flowing movement in my pictures. Using silkscreen printing I was further able to bring color to my photographs, allowing me to bring more emotion into my pictures, as well as striking contrast. Eventually, I started to use a wide variety of art media and techniques to make mixed media art on canvas and watercolor paper. My work combines classical traditional Asian arts and culture, such as Japanese calligraphy, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, martial arts (Aikido), song and dance, with modern photographic techniques.  I would like to use the grant, to publishing a book comparing the photography of “Before and After Photoshop” featuring more recent developments of technique and aesthetic alongside my early historically interesting work, either in a single volume or in a twin publication. This project would allow me to showcase the array of techniques I employ in the creation of my work and create an evolutionary log/record of my body of work and journey as an artist.